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The Little Dream Guardians | LIZZIE | The Mini Night Guardian

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Lizzie is a white polar bear and when she's not being the wisest Dream Guardian of the Bunch she likes to hibernate in the Wonderful World of Childhood because she knows that great sleep makes for a healthy and active mind. As Cute and Cuddly as her friends Lizzie's adorable design and soft wool finish is loved by Children and Babies alike. Your Little Dream Guardian is a Collectable Soft Toy with a conscience. Created as an Artisan Craft in Vietnam, each item is Handmade and Individually Boxed. Bobi Crafts Fair Trade credentials support the employment of poorer members of their community and bring joy to our children whilst being a stable source of income for theirs. Based around cuddly characters and creatures each Dream Guardian has a name and a purpose within the magical World of Childhood.

  • Handmade, 100% Cotton, Hand Washable.
  • Dimensions 15cm x 11cm x 10.5cm
  • Gift Boxed Made From Recycled Materials.
  • Perfect as a Childs First Toy, Crib or Carriage Decoration.