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Root7 Neon Mugs

Regular price £7.50

  • Bright Neon Color Mugs by Root7
  • Chic, stylish mugs to brighten up your mood. Neon Mugs by Root7 are the perfect addition to your kitchen cabinet and will look even better displayed on the wall or table.
  • The smooth and silky soft-touch rubberized paint finish will have you holding onto your neon mug all day
  • Neon Mugs by Root7 are made from Bone China, love and a rubber-like paint. Please treat your neon mugs with love and hand wash only! Do not use in microwave
  • Use mugs for drinking tea, coffee, soup, ice cream, desserts or any other slurp or scoop worthy dish! Neon Mugs can also be used for storing stationary, jewelry and even plants!