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Imaginext Arkham Asylum Playset with Batman Figure with Dart Launcher for Imaginative Play, Toy and Gift for Kids from 3 Years Old

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Product Description

Batman is hard at work, patrolling the streets of Gotham City for signs of trouble. Luckily, most of the worst Super-Villains are locked away in Arkham Asylum. Or are they? A turn of a Power Pad opens all the jail doors at once. JAIL BREAK! Oh no, Gotham City's worst criminals are on the loose! Batman flies into action, responding to the Bat-Signal blazing above the asylum. Turn the top Power Pad to reveal the disc launcher hidden behind the Bat-Signal. Three…two…one…FIRE! Press the button to fire the disks and send Super-Villains running for cover. (Villain figures sold separately.) Can Batman get this madness under control? That's for your young Super Hero to decide!

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  • Turn bottom Power Pad to open and close jail cell doors.
  • Turn top Power Pad to reveal disk launcher.
  • Load disks into launcher and press button to fire.
  • Officially licensed DC Comics merchandise